Turn your lottery business into a profit center with a complete lottery automation solution

Simple yet powerful, full-fledged automated system

Designed to guarantee 100% work efficiency removing total labor from your side, our new LAI III makes the entire process automatic and eliminates extensive paperwork. It gives you real-time data updates at the end of your shifts or whenever required. Really simple to use – all you need to do is scan the lottery tickets with a barcode scanner or phone camera and let LAI calculate your lottery sales and inventory.


Powered with Artificial Intelligence

LAI closely monitors and analyzes the movement of each of your tickets. Based on ticket sales, the app gives you real-time suggestions as to which tickets need to be added and which ones to be reduced. LAI also notifies the best-selling tickets in the store as well as the fast-moving tickets in the state. With this app you can be best assured to make the maximum utilization of your resources by allotting your outlet space for the right product.

Built-in Day Closing app

Now the store's paperwork is just a few mouse clicks away. With customizable daily report fields, the app generates detailed reports based on your daily transaction data and calculates the cash shorts and overs. Having a holistic view on your daily financial transactions and the cash flows, you can make well-informed and effective business decisions.


Automated shift reports

Business at your beck and call – get updated reports and the power to make decisions on the go. Gain insight into your lottery sales with accurate shift reports generated and delivered to your email upon shift closing. With its rich report format, get detailed scratch-off and lotto sales, cash, inventory, and settlement reports. The report will display sales by game open and close numbers, lottery commission and cash-on-hand calculated from sales


Simplified lottery inventory management

Minimize the losses incurred from lottery inventory miscalculations or thefts. LAI counts each game book in the software, maintaining a bird's eye view on every active and inactive book as well as monitoring lottery ticket sales against the inventory to detect any missing ticket.


Customer support and feedback

Each subscription of the LAI package comes with access to our 24*7 support team, for all queries related to setup, day to-day operations as well any specific requirement, that you as a customer might have – just dial in Toll-free number to talk to our support team. We also listen to our customers' feedbacks and use them to improve our product.

Our motto is to digitalize the lottery management process - receiving, counting, auditing and reviewing - from pen-and-paper based accounting, thus minimizing opportunities for human error, saving time and labor.

Key Benefits

  • Saves time and effort

    Closing shifts easier than ever; takes less than 2 mins. Eliminate the arduous task of writing down ticket positions for every pack you have.

  • Automatic data backup

    All your data is securely stored in our server, accessible whenever you need it. Allows access from multiple devices at the same time.

  • Multi-store operations with a single login

    Access the data of your multi-stores with single login credential. Eliminates the need to remember and manage separate log-in for each of the premise.

  • Rich report and analytics

    Get your detailed lottery sales report instantly. Make informed business decision making use of the daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

  • Support for lottery vending machines

    Instant ticket vending machine (ITVM) option allows you to better manage your inventory.

  • Set user security levels

    Assign login rights to shop managers and employees with required access inline with their function in the store.

  • Automatic Lottery Settlement Reconciliation

    Verify your weekly statements against pack settlements, payouts reported in your daily report.

  • Continued updates and automatic refresh

    To enhance the functionality of our lottery application through new features and fixes, and provide you a seamless experience, new updates are rolled out from time to time across all platforms.


Use barcode scanner for the Windows application and phone camera for Android/IOS application

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  • A full-fledged automated system to keep you on hold with your business 24x7.
  • Easy to use interface
  • Extensive and automatic report delivery to email
  • Customized user accounts with dynamic access levels.
  • Customized software to suit your State’s lottery tickets.
  • Free software training and 24 * 7 tech support

one time

  • RTN provides two convenient options of handheld Bluetooth scanners - CT10X (for iPhone and Android) and CT007X (Windows-WiFi)
  • The scanners record and relay data from as far as 10 meters range
  • Windows Scanner (WiFi)C007 has the capacity to scan and record 10,000 UPC codes
  • RTN offers service and installation support for scanner for a period of 30 days from installation

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